Designed with the rustic mountain character of the Town of Truckee, the Pioneer Commerce Center is the place Truckee does business. With a planned 241,000 square feet of office, industrial, warehousing and secondary retail space, the Pioneer Commerce Center will support 15 buildings in a campus style atmosphere that provides an efficient circulation system with open landscaping. The Pioneer Commerce Center has become the place where Truckee does business.
The Pioneer Commerce Center is situated on approximately nineteen acres of level property located on Pioneer Trail, along Interstate 80, off Highway 89 North. The Pioneer Commerce Center is a mixed-use development that was designed with a focus on aesthetic appeal, safety and efficiency and to meet the needs of the light industrial and business community. Service areas are located at the sides and rear of the buildings and are screened by attractive fences and landscaping. The circulation system is designed to reduce conflict between pedestrians and vehicular activity. Truck maneuvering and loading areas are separate from parking areas. In addition, the entire center will have landscaped open space island presenting a pleasant atmosphere for the users and the public. Nine buildings comprising 159,000 square feet are complete and near full occupancy. This community of local businesses enjoys plentiful parking, modern HVAC systems, ADA compliant bathrooms, in-house tenant improvements and on-site property management. Leasing opportunities and available spaces at the Pioneer Commerce Center can be found by clicking below.
In 2008 construction was completed on Building J and the Pioneer Boat Storage (Buildings K). Named the Juniper Building, Building J totals 15,950 square foot encompassing office, warehousing, affordable housing apartments and a special work bay specifically designed for boat maintenance and care in conjunction with the Pioneer Boat Storage For boat storage opportunities in the 41,400 square foot building please call (530) 587-2167.